What Does Flas SMS Mean?

Have you ever seen a message just pop up on your phone screen without you opening your inbox? well, that pop-up message is called a Flash SMS.

Flash SMS is also known as class 0 SMS is a type of SMS that appears directly on the main screen without user interaction and is not automatically stored in the inbox. As such, Flash SMS is a value-added service to a standard SMS delivery. Its most commonly used to deliver sensitive information and to immediately catch a recipient’s attention.

Reasons to Use Flash SMS

  • Flash SMS pulls the attention of the user. Whenever somebody gets a pop up displayed on his/her screen it catches their attention immediately.
  • The chances of ignoring a flash message is very less, as it directly reaches on the full screen of the mobile and the user actively needs to close it.
  • Also flash SMS can be used in case of emergencies or if you want to send confidential information such as One Time Pins (OTP) or other sensitive information that shouldn’t be seen by others.
  • As it does not get stored in the inbox, it saves your phone’s memory.

Flash SMS is ideal for industries, companies, agencies, offices, and organizations, etc, who have to dispatch any important message which requires an instant reaction. These days it is very famous for advertising purposes, marketing, promotion, etc where you need to grab the attention of your reader.

It is used when information to be conveyed is urgent like OTP, PIN, etc. Ideally, it should be used when you want to make sure that the receiver reads the message.

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