Tips on How to Use SMS for Customer Survey

Customer feedback through SMS can provide you with meaningful insight into what your customers think about specific products, services, and even your entire company. This can help you improve and keep your customers satisfied. The more feedback you get, the clearer your product and customer strategy will become.

Conduct a mobile poll to request for your customers’ feedback on current products and offerings.

You can opt to be as specific as you can and ask for their opinion on a particular product or service after their purchase. You can type in questions such as, “How happy are you with your new home appliance system? Choose from 1 to 5, with 5 being very satisfied, and 1 meaning extremely unhappy.”

Follow up with something along the lines of, “Were you assisted with the setup of your new home audio system? Yes or No? Remember to add straightforward instructions to make data processing and analysis simpler.

Launch an SMS poll that will help you gain insight on how customers perceive your company in general.

The kind of business impression you leave upon clients can say a lot about how you should run your business. Measure your customer experience and your company’s potential for growth by means of a simple survey based on a scale from 0-10 by asking one simple question (“How likely would you be to recommend our company to a friend?”) plus an optional open-ended question requesting general feedback.

Use business SMS to gather opinions on future product offerings.

Provide customers with a list of ideas for products or updates you’re thinking of launching. Your questions should be able to answer questions like, “What products do you want to see next on our online store?” It’s like doing quick market research, minus the expensive costs.

Remain professional when sending text surveys

  • Maintain a strong sense of branding. Mention your business’s name in the text to remind your customer which company is requesting the feedback.
  • Stay positive. Even if your customer responds with a forceful “no” to the request, respond politely or do not respond at all, depending on your manager’s preference.
  • Keep your request short and sweet. Texts are a preferred means of communication due to their brevity.
  • Proofread your feedback request extensively. Check for errors in grammar, syntax, and any information you provide.

A great way to ensure text surveys remain professional is by using approved texts as templates for continuous use by team members. Create one template per survey type for easy use; for example, a business might have an “Order Delivery Survey” template, a “Support Call Survey” template, etc.

Schedule or automate text surveys for consistency

The best way to ensure you are consistently collecting customer feedback is by scheduling or automating your text surveys. Many business text messaging platforms provide this capability.

While you will want to send feedback requests about customer service and support conversations immediately, you can also schedule out an NPS survey for around two weeks later. Simply choose a date within a predefined amount of time and schedule the template out, complete with customized information if possible.

In many cases, automation will work well, too, reducing the manual time you spend on such tasks. Some business texting platforms allow team members to choose actions that trigger other actions. For example, once a person is added to an opt-in list, the system can automatically send a customized NPS survey in two weeks to collect feedback. If the customer completes the survey, another automation can confirm the entry and reply with a pleasant thank you message, both confirming receipt and encouraging a positive brand interaction in the process.

Endear your business to your customers by adding a little extra.

When you decide to conduct SMS surveys, it will also be a good idea to give your customers something that can benefit them. You should always expect to be met with the question, “What’s in it for me?” from your audience. Include a freebie or a bonus offer with your survey for good measure. When you do this, you also encourage a repeat purchase. This ultimately leads to better sales numbers.

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