Strategies Businesses Can Use to Increase Their Customer Base With Zigatext App

The ultimate goal of any business is to stay relevant in the market, gather more customers/subscribers, manage effectively their employee base and generate more profit. The simple fact that hundreds of big brands choose to incorporate bulk SMS marketing into their overall strategy should be a pretty good indicator of its success. SMS campaigns are simple to create, affordable and have response rates that are much higher than most other marketing channels.

Studies show that

  • Customers prefer SMS texting to other form of mobile communication
  • The open rate for SMS is less than 3 minutes while it takes about 90 minutes to respond to an email text marketing also increases brand awareness.

Hundreds of thousands of companies just like yours are already adopting text marketing, so don’t let yourself fall behind the curve. Before you dive into the world of SMS marketing, there are so many things to consider while choosing the best SMS marketing app for your business, you can get that here… so you’ll know why Zigatext is the best app to use in your SMS marketing revolution.


Zigatext has made it easier for you to build your contact list / Newsletter list using the following methods

  1. Display your Newsletter QR CODE and or SUBCODE

You can print out your Newsletter QR code and subcode and display it at your office or website so that customers can easily scan it and opt in to your newsletter list. Click here to know how to create a newsletter list.

  • Enabling SMS Newsletter subscription when creating content on Ziagtext Extensible SMS

With this, you can reach a whole lot of people and grow your Newsletter list because before they can view the contents of the message they’ll have to subscribe to that newsletter list as only subscribed members can view it. To find out more about this click here.

  • Posting the link generated in your Extensible SMS on some or all your social media platforms

This method can boost your contact list even more than 50% because the link can easily be shared by other people thereby going beyond your scope. Learn to include other online and offline channels to build, promote, and manage your text marketing promotions. Click here to find out how to create your link.

  • Make use of the Image, Video aand Audio functions in Zigatext Extensible SMS

People want to see what you have to offer. Using plain texts is good but if you really want to catch your customer’s attention you have to literally put the image of your products in their head by using Pictures, Videos, and even audio.

Let’s take 2 restaurants as an example. Restaurant “A” sends a normal SMS to potential customers, listing the type of dishes they have for sale. While Restaurant “B” sends an SMS to potential customers too but didn’t just stop at listing the dishes but also included a short video clip of the meals and even how people enjoy eating them.

Now, this is not rocket science but we both know that Restaurant “B” will have an increase in their customer base which will, in turn, result in an increase in sales and ultimately more profit while Restaurant “A” might end up getting few or no responses at all.

  • Take advantage of every event and holiday

You may think this is insignificant but it’s very important. People are prone to spend more, try out new products and patronize new businesses during special events and holidays. Think about what is going on in recent events that you can tie into. How can you use these events to generate more awareness for your brand, and work to bring them into your stores? So if you want more customers, be event-oriented.

  • Capture SMS Newsletter subscribers from your websites

You can integrate Zigatext app into your website and capture phone numbers and names from your website visitors and automatically subscribe them to a particular newsletter list for future follow-ups and messages.

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