SMS Newsletter and Subscription: Who Uses It?

A newsletter is a report given information about an organization that is sent regularly to its members. Newsletters can be used to advertise or to simply communicate new ideas and events to subscribers. Businesses can easily connect with their stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, employees, and members of society through SMS newsletters.

A newsletter is a publication that, if written well, not only disseminates information but reminds, guides, and instructs those who read it. Newsletters can be used by individuals, businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations, schools, etc.

What is Newsletter Subscription?

This is an agreement that allows you to receive updates regularly via newsletters. Once you subscribe to a newsletter, you will start receiving updates until you unsubscribe to cancel the subscription.

Who Can Use SMS Newsletters and Why?

  1. Businesses/Companies: they can use newsletters to keep employees up to date about new products, featured news and articles that promotes the business and employees and recently hired or retiring personnel. It can also be used for public relations and low key advertisement sent to customers.
  2. Schools: Schools can use newsletters to keep both parents and students up to date about upcoming school events, like holidays, special educational projects, meetings etc.
  3. NGO’S and Associations: They can use newsletters to send awareness messages about upcoming events etc.
  4. Churches: Churches can use newsletters to send daily or weekly devotional/scriptural messages to members.
  5. Individuals: individuals can use newsletters to send messages about a topic or specialized field. Example, tips on how to take care of your car, book keeping tips for small businesses etc.

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