SMS Blaster

SMS Blast is a bulk SMS text message that is sent to a large number of mobile phone numbers simultaneously via an automated text messaging system. Using SMS blast is a simple and cost-effective way to communicate in real-time with a large number of mobile phone users.

Many organizations use a text blasting system in order to “text blast” large groups of people simultaneously. This is because a text message blast is simple to organize, inexpensive to run, and more effective at immediately reaching a large number of people than any other channel of communication.

SMS text blasting is most commonly used by the retail industry as a key part of a mobile marketing strategy. However, many different types of organizations also take advantage of text blast services in order to generate engagement and build relationships within their communities.

One of the advantages that a text blasting system has over other channels of communication is that it is a permission-based activity. People have to opt-in to receive text blast messages and are therefore more receptive to those messages, and more likely to engage with the sender or share the text blast messages with friends, families, and colleagues.

Other Uses of a Text Blasting Service

There are many, many other uses of a text blasting service – both commercial and non-commercial. Homebuyers can be kept up-to-date with new listings and price drops via an SMS blast. Parents can be sent school consent forms in a text blast, community volunteers can be coordinated with a text message blast, and voters can be encouraged to get out and vote using a text blasting service.

Access to text blast software can also be important during emergencies when data networks often get overloaded. Being able to remain in contact with employees, students, parents, and personnel may be vital during security alerts, power outages, or inclement weather. The text blasting service can help keep everyone safe, or advise them of last-minute closures, cancellations, or changes of venue.

Other uses of the text blaster interface include keeping fans up-to-date with the football score, alerting job-seekers to new employment opportunities, and reminding parishioners to go to church. Indeed, many faith-based organizations have been able to engage the youth of their parish, using text blast services to increase attendances at church events and ensure the future of their congregations.

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