How to Deactivate DND on All GSM Networks

DND (Do-Not-Disturb) is a service that stalls bulk SMS from getting delivered to your contacts or your phone number. People subscribe to DND to enable them to opt out from receiving third-party SMS messages, such as marketing campaigns and ads. As thus, this poses a challenge on sending or receiving SMS to/on DND active numbers. The only way out in most cases is if contacts unsubscribe from the service. This can only be done directly from the mobile phone of the contacts themselves.

Here are steps on how to unsubscribe or deactivate DND on all GSM networks in Nigeria.

To confirm if your phone number is DND active, simply text STATUS to 2442. For Glo numbers text HELP to 2442. If it is active it means that you can’t receive bulk SMS on that number.

Text START to 2442 on your 9mobile number if DND is active to deactivate it.

Text START to 2442 on your GLO number if DND is active to deactivate it.

Text ALLOW to 2442 on your AIRTEL number if DND is active to deactivate it.

For an MTN number that is DND active, text ALLOW to 2442 to deactivate it.

It has been discovered that Network Providers are automatically enabling DND on their subscribers’ lines without their consent, and a lot of contacts aren’t aware they are DND active.

 In case these codes don’t work, kindly call your Customer Care. (Airtel 111 or 121, MTN 180, 9mobile 200, GLO 121 or 200)

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