How can Logistics, Transportation and Courier Companies Use Bulk SMS Services

The logistics sector deals with shipments, couriers, transportation, warehousing, packaging, and many other things. With the increasing rate of industrialization and technological improvements, this industry is in great demand. The field of courier and logistics is constantly evolving, as more companies are embracing mobile technology. Mobile is changing the way people surf the web, shop, and interact with brands. Text messaging represents a powerful, yet underrated marketing medium. Real-time updates provided by two-way SMS have become an efficient way of improving customer relationships and streamlining internal operations. Logistics companies can also use SMS solutions for mobile marketing and customer engagement, but the greatest benefit of SMS is, undoubtedly, its operational value.

With the help of Zigatext’s robust API and mobile text alerts, logistics companies can check the order status of products, set up event notifications and payment reminders, and streamline their warehouse management systems. Zigatext app offers simple and cost-effective automated SMS via Internet solutions, thus enabling companies to achieve better productivity at lower costs.

How Can Your Logistics Company Use Ozioma app?

  • Simplify logistics: Send out automated pick-up, delivery, arrived at depot, successful or unsuccessful delivery status notifications to customers and employees in a matter of minutes using Zigatext app.
  • Inform customers of order status: Use SMS and mobile number tracking to inform customers of delivery schedules and order status.
  • Improve your warehouse management system: Inform your customers in case of inventory shortages or back-order deliveries. Send SMS broadcasts to staff members in case of order delays or system failures quickly and efficiently. Bulk SMS solutions can also make it easier for staff members to broadcast important information (e.g. additional room in an upcoming shipment).
  • Remind about invoice payments: Use proactive text messaging to send out invoice payment reminders to customers. You can automate this using Zigatext scheduling features.
  • Communicate on the move: Send SMS notifications and updates for meeting times and inform drivers of last-minute changes using mobile text alerts.
  • SMS marketing: You can use Zigatext app for SMS marketing to increase brand awareness and inform customers of new deals.
  • Schedule rosters: Transport and logistics companies require the efficient organization of personnel. Use Zigatext app for scheduling shifts and delegating responsibilities.
  • Gather feedback and follow up: Our mobile optimized data capture forms allow you to gather important information about your customers or your service in a quick and easy format.
  • Bookings and seat reservations: For people who travel with a transport company, bookings and seat reservations can be done through bulk SMS. For such uses, all the client needs to do is send a designated message or code to the companies phone number, mostly a short code and then get a seat reserved for a journey. This is very effective especially for large transport businesses.

Key Benefits for Your Transport & Logistics Company

SMS solutions can benefit two-way communication between staff members and customers. Many customers prefer to send text messages to drivers instead of calling, thus providing drivers with all the information they need to complete an order. Here are seven key benefits of SMS solutions for transport and logistics:

  1. Cut costs. Sending and receiving information through an SMS texting service is cheaper than having to pick up the phone for every problem. SaaS services with SMS modules are cost effective, so they can be integrated into daily operations of large, medium and small businesses alike.
  2. Improve customer retention. Customers appreciate timely updates and clear instructions. Two-way communication at the right time can help you improve customer retention rates.
  3. Optimise efficiency. Text messages can be used for everything from payment reminders to staff rostering. Using SMS will reduce the need to organize staff meetings or group calls.
  4. Streamline customer communication. Studies show that over 90% of smartphone users read and react to text messages within 3 minutes. Sending delivery status notifications and offers via text will significantly improve customer relationship.
  5. Ease customer service. Customer service centres are often overloaded with enquiries and complaints. Using short-code SMS services will ease customer service and reduce costs.
  6. Driver safety. You can integrate SMS services into delivery and scheduling applications. Texts arrive almost instantly but they allow the driver to choose when to read them (e.g. when he has safely reached a destination or is pulled over) and to respond at a convenient time.
  7. Reduce human error. When sensitive information such as time of arrival, address or delivery details are sent via text message, human errors can be avoided almost completely. Calling also works but it requires the client to write down information. With SMS communication the entire process becomes easier to control.

Logistics and courier businesses are continuously growing very fast, as more companies are moving to the E-commerce industry. By using bulk SMS service, it is easy to send order updates, invoices, and also helps in maintaining good relationships with the customers. Zigatext app offers reliable, easy to use and cost-effective bulk SMS services to help logistics, transportation, and courier companies in achieving high productivity at lower costs. Sign up here for free.

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