How Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants Can Reach and Engage More Customers Through Bulk SMS Service?

SMS mobile marketing is the number one marketing channel for promoting bars, restaurants, and clubs, especially in this era. The cost of SMS publicity is much lower than flyers, posters, printed newsletters, magazine or radio ads, and the ROI is extremely high in this sector.

Getting customers through the door and leaving with a smile on their faces is very necessary. It is vitally important to retain customers and keep them coming back. With hundreds of bars, clubs, and restaurants in every city, it is important that these places get customers returning, and a great way of doing this is using SMS.

Below are ways that bars, clubs, and restaurants can use SMS to increase sales, reach and increase customer satisfaction

1. Communicate Offers and Promotions

SMS gets the job of communicating news and events most efficiently. A promotional SMS, featuring discounts, news about a sale, or particular offers impact the client in two ways: firstly the obvious bonus he gets by using the offer in the message, and secondly the feeling of exclusiveness that the reader experiences in getting a personal message. In this case, even if you don’t sell a particular offer, it still works towards the cause of creating brand awareness. It is possible to create personalized offers to different segments of your target.

2. Targeted communication

As a food business owner, you can tailor a promotional SMS campaign to specific customers. SMS Marketing is far more refined, elaborate, and friendly. Customer purchase history can be used to establish customer profiles, making it easier to reach your targeted customers through SMS Marketing.

Using Zigatext app makes it possible to reach larger and specific clients through target marketing. You can segment your clients into different ages, tribes, professional groups, etc. Imagine owning a restaurant, bar, or club close to a university, and students would be matriculating or convocating soon. Now you aren’t the only bar or restaurant in the area so you have to start creating awareness via SMS marketing specifically to the students.

3. Scheduled Texts for Events and Reminders

Send quick SMS texts to let your clients know about the date and time of events. The Scheduling feature in Ozioma makes it possible to keep your customers updated with any event happening in your club, bar, or restaurant. Click here to know how to schedule SMS.

4. Promote Your Menu and New Dishes

People are always on the lookout to try new dishes and restaurants. SMS is a good way to alert and update contacts about new additions to the menu or even the menu in general.

5. Give Your Customers a Voice

Everyone wants to feel important, you customers included. You can engage your customers and make them feel relevant by asking them to vote for the type of dishes/ delicacies to be prepared for the coming week, the types/ genres of songs to be played, type of games, if there should be a karaoke night, etc. You can send votes using Zigatext Extensible SMS. Learn how to send votes here!

6. Delivery and Notification SMS

It makes your service more professional if you update the customer on every order made by them.

7. Feedback

It’s good for a business to know how far it has come and how well they have been able to meet its customer’s need over time. Zigatext Extensible SMS allows two-way messaging. You can send your customer an SMS survey and receive feedback using Zigatext Extensible SMS after purchase and see what they think of the services rendered. Learn how to send surveys here!

Why Ozioma is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider for Restaurants, Bars and Clubs?

Every restaurant owner has to integrate some kind of marketing strategy to capture the attention of the target audience and maximize its profits. Among all the available marketing tools. Use Zigatext app and build an irreproachable reputation for your brand. Your customers are most active on their cell phones, so texting is a far better option than relying on conventional marketing tools.

Upload contacts directly from your mobile using our Android app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. With our easy and user-friendly interface, you can craft messages in the fastest way possible. Unlike other SMS providers, we generate only real-time delivery reports, describing the details of every message sent. Use Zigatext app and create a buzz for your brand. Sign up now and make your restaurant, bar, or club the most popular food outlet in your city.

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