Hidden Marketing Tips With Facebook Ads (or Other Social Media Platform) and Zigatext’s Birthday Messenger

Every business needs customers. No customers no business.
Build lists of active customers’ phone numbers and grow your business income exponentially with these GOLDEN easy to follow steps:

How can I do it?

  1. Create a FREE Zigatext account at https://app.zigatext.net and login to your Zigatext account.
  2. Create SMS Newsletter List (you can add automated follow-up messages, so that once prospects opts-in to your list they start receiving your follow-ups INSTANTLY).
  3. Create a Birthday Group through Birthday Messenger and connect it to your just created SMS Newsletter list so that prospects will be automatically opted-in to the list.
  4. Compose your birthday template messages for your new group that may include your OFFERS/COUPON/GIVEAWAYS. Your personalized birthday message will deliver on your customers/prospects birthdays automatically at your set time like 12:00AM or 05:00AM.
  5. Copy the generated custom link or QR Code for the newly created birthday group and use it in your Facebook Ad targeting people with UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS.

Why birthdays?
It’s because all your customers are persons and every person has a birthday and every person FEELS SPECIAL on his/her birthday.
How do you feel when your bank sends you a birthday message?
Loved right?
You need to register your business or brand with people through birthday SMS by being among the first to wish them well on their special days.

Why SMS and not email, instant messenger, or social media?

  1. SMS inbox is personal and confidential and any message that enters there is treated so.
  2. SMS works offline so the celebrant (your customer/prospect) don’t have to be online to see your message.
  3. The joy of birthday message is on its earliness and SMS can be scheduled to deliver at a particular time.
  4. Research shows that people pick up their phones up-to 58 time in a day.
  5. People open SMS 3 minutes of receipt.

You can relate to the above points with your own experiences.
Birthday SMS has a limit of 160 characters per page, is charged per page and only text no image, no video or audio for other forms of expressions?
Don’t worry with Zigatext’s Extensible SMS you can do below at the cost of 1 SMS:

  • Send text of up-to 2,000 characters
  • Send image in .png, .gif or jpg formats
  • Send 1min video in .mp4 format.
  • Send 1min audio in .mp3 format.
  • Engage your customers in 2way communication
  • Conduct public/private votes, surveys or polls

The relationship that last is built in the inbox and the money your business need is in that inbox.
If you don’t tell people about your business or brand you will have to PAY others to do so for you.

You can start a marketing agency and start implementing these marketing strategies for other businesses and get PAID massively.

The keywords here are BIRTHDAY and INBOX

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