Golden Tips to Boost Customer Engagement With Bulk SMS

Finding ways to engage with your audience is one of the toughest problems you face as a company. The key is to truly listen to and talk to your customers – share news, tell a story, listen to them, reward and delight them, and keep them coming back for more.

1. Offer Benefits

The potential return on investment here is too attractive to let go of, making it easier for businesses to promote their products/services and even support their operations with irresistible offers that draw customers in. maximize the benefit of your SMS campaign by dedicating time to crafting effective messages. Check out an SMS example below:

“Merry Christmas! Celebrate by taking an extra 30% off on the purchase of our finger-licking Sharwama. Offer last till 26th Dec”

 2. Appreciations

Every customer wants to feel loved, let them understand they are your VIPs and they are valued. Send exclusive event reminders to your customers, along with consumer appreciation coupons on their birthdays or special occasions. Check out an SMS example below

 ”Dear Bola here is wishing you a happy anniversary. From all of us at BB Plc”

3. Remind of events, appointments, or pending purchases

Use SMS to promote events so that people get the information in a timely manner.  The immediacy of SMS makes it ideal for promoting events that are time-sensitive. You can also use SMS to remind customers of important appointments, pending purchases, or their shopping carts. This timely thoughtful gesture could be all it takes for your customer to engage further.

4. Provide tips and advice

This content marketing exercise using SMS lets you use customer information to delight them with timely advice and thoughtful tips that help you develop an emotional bond with your customer while showing them that you care, while also letting your brand’s personality shine through everything you do.

5. Use CTAs (Call-To-Action)

The goal is to keep customers engaged, CTAs helps in achieving that. It helps customers value, read and act on the texts. Here are some CTA samples;

  • Click here– Sometimes you have more information for your customers and don’t have enough SMS space, in that case, a ”click here” button will provide a link to necessary details. Use Ozioma Extensible SMS to create links!
  • Text-to-Win– A lot of customers would be interested in winning a prize or gift. This increases customers’ engagement, and it’s an effective way to remind customers of your business and continue promoting sales.
  • Buy-Now– this is a perfect and tempting CTA Button for promoting your business. It makes it easier for customers to make a purchase.

Be careful not to create long texts, it can distract recipients, and they most likely won’t engage with your communication. Get to the point! Make it a clear and concise message.

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