7 Tips For Sending a Successful Bulk SMS

By sending bulk SMS, you can reach your existing customers along with some new customers. ZigaTEXT is one of the best bulk SMS service platforms, helping businesses to reach their customers within the shortest time through various bulk SMS packages.

So, if you have made your mind to start a bulk SMS campaign for your business, then here are few tips which you can follow for getting maximum success.

1. Know your target customers:

It is essential for you to differentiate your relevant customers and your random customers or prospects. Bulk SMS campaigns should be targeted as much as possible. It’s likely the audience has already interacted with your business in some way or other – they may be a current customer, a new prospect, or previously purchased from your business. Know your targets.

2. Keep it short and simple:

Keep your message below 160 characters. Going above this limit could lead to your messages appearing fragmented on older phones. You’ll also be charged more. Shorter, succinct messages will make more of an impact on recipients anyway so there’s no reason not to keep things simple.

3. Showcase your business name:

You don’t want your texts to appear with an anonymous number shown up top. A text coming from your business name builds trust in your message and lets people know a text isn’t spammy or malicious. It also boosts brand visibility and looks professional. Most bulk SMS services like ZigaTEXT enable you to edit the sender ID.

4. Personalize your messages:

Although bulk SMS campaigns are sent out in large numbers, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your messages. Most bulk SMS service providers will allow you to alter messages to suit a specific recipient based on the information in your database. Address people by their names, refer to an account number, or mention the date and time of an event.

5. Perfect timing:

Time plays a significant role in every activity. Therefore, for successful bulk SMS campaigning, you should send your SMS at favorable times. Don’t send it too early in the morning or too late at night. Then you can also send SMS embedded with the “deals that will expire soon” option for increasing the curiosities among customers.

6. By sending reminder or triggered message:

These triggered messages are sent when some regular customer suddenly loses interest in your business. Then you can send SMS to them with some deals to develop their interest. This is called triggered message that helps in provoking customers

7. Send relevant messages:

Sending bulk SMS to your customer is your privilege, not your right. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of bothering your customer with too many irrelevant messages. Your messages should be like if you don’t send, your customer will miss them rather than being irritated with so many messages.

Thus, we can see that for a successful bulk SMS campaigning, we need to send an SMS with excellent content to a relevant customer at the right time.

You can create a free corporate account for your business on ZigaTEXT and boost your business with bulk SMS campaigning.

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