7 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Bulk SMS Messages

In this age, businesses have to face so many obstacles to survive like competition in the market, new technology, globalization, etc. To meet these hurdles Bulk SMS Messaging is an innovative technology/strategy for businesses

I see small business owners making the same mistakes over and over again when trying to send bulk SMS messages to their customers. These mistakes are obviously hurting their ability to connect with customers and prospects! Yet, they keep making these mistakes over and over again.

Seven Major Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying to Send Bulk SMS Messages

Mistake #1 – Not using bulk SMS messages for marketing.

It puzzles me how most small business owners only use “word of mouth” for marketing and think that only big companies should use bulk SMS. How do you reach out to new prospects and customers, and get them to engage with your company? How do you get a prospect to buy for the first time? How do you get a current customer to buy again? One of the most effective ways I’ve found is with mobile marketing… specifically by sending bulk SMS messages.

Mistake #2 – Not using a professional SMS texting platform to send text messages

This is a huge mistake many business owners make when first getting started with sending bulk SMS texts. They want to save a little money… so they start collecting phone numbers from customers and prospects. Then they start texting from their own phones! Apart from the fact that it will even cost more, your phone could be stolen and all your contacts will be lost.

If you’re going to send bulk SMS messages, sign up for a professional bulk SMS platform. I’m partial to my company ZigaTEXT, we have a great SMS marketing platform.

Mistake #3 – Sending uninteresting and unorganized Bulk SMS messages

When sending Bulk SMS messages please keep in mind that the message should be in an organized manner. The message should be organized according to the information. The objective/idea of the message should be simple and effective. Most people don’t think about the message they are going to send and they end up sending the same messages again and again making it uninteresting.

Mistake #4 – Not including a call to action in every SMS message

This is a huge mistake many business owners make. CTA (call to action) is one of the most effective parts of bulk SMS which gives the customer the reason to take action. Customers can know why they received the messages in the first place. The main purpose of sending an SMS is to ask the customer to do or buy something. If that is missing, Bulk SMS will not be very effective. So there should be a proper CTA (Call to action).

Mistake #5– Sending lengthy messages

Due to the changing times, everyone is in hurry to reach somewhere, so everybody expects concise, to the point, and informative content. Nobody has time to read a 500-word story as an advertisement, few smart words in a line should be enough to influence the customer positively. There is 3Cs technique to create quality content –Clear, Concise and Call to Action. A long message appears to be broken up, confusing, and unprofessional in nature.

Mistake #6– Not using professional language

Not everyone can understand business terms or slang terms, therefore you should create content according to customers. The content of the message should be clear, simple, and easy to understand in nature. In order to enhance your brand credibility, use professional language (free from acronyms and slang)

Mistake #7– Lacking personal essence in the SMS

The way you present your advertisement is a salient feature. The quality of the content should be such that it makes the customer feel special, meet their needs, and should contain brief information about your product. In order to make them feel special, address them by their name, keep them updated with the latest trends in the markets, provide them with special discounts, etc.

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